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Name of Seminary                : Major Seminary of St. Vincent de Paul
Address                                  : Jl. Raya Langsep 45 Malang
Diocese                                   : Diocese of Malang, Indonesia
Academic year                       : It lasts from 2011 to 2012
Seminarist                              : Family Name : SANTO
                                                  First Name    : FLAVIANUS
Date of birth                          : February 22th  1990

Curriculum vitae
            -Elementary school     : SDN 27 Piantan Hilir, Pontianak in 1997-2003
            -Junior high school      : SMP Kharya Bhakti,Tontang 2003-2006
            -Senior high school     : SMA Panca Setya, Sintang in 2006-2009
            -Minor seminary          : John Mary Vianney, Sintang in 2006-2009
            -Postulate                    : Stella Maris, Malang in 2009-2010
            -Seminarium Internum of St Justin de Jakobis, Malang in 2010-2011
Family background
Parents’ name :            -Father                        : Lim Phut phin
                                    - Mother                      : Maria Lehun
Sisters’ name  :            - Youngest  sister       : Paula Santi

            I was born in Pontianak, Wast Borneo. I am from small fanily. My mother and my sisiter still alive until now, but my father was died. They live in Jl. Olah- raga RT 02, RW 03, Desa Tontang, Kec. Nanga Serawai, Sintang, West Borneo. My mother is a common family wife. I just have one sister and she is studying in second graduate of senior high school et Pahuman, West Borneo.
            As I know, my family really support me in my way to join The Congregation of The Mission. They also hope and pray that I always keep my vocation. I am proud to them and I hope God always walk with me in keeping my vocation. May the Lord bless us all.

Year of admission in the Seminary              : 2010
Present year of theology                               : First
Probable pastoral year                                 : 2015-2016 and 2016-2017
Probable year of ordination to diaconate   : 2019
Probable year of priestly ordination           : 2019

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